Stainless Fog

Rock | Punk | Pop | Alternative | Metal | Folk | Fusion

Stainless Fog has been recording music together as an eclectic band of musicians
with diverse styles spanning Rock, Punk, Pop, Alternative, Metal, Folk and Fusion.
Sojourn Studios has combined years of live and studio recordings to present tracks
from the best of Stainless Fog.

Before Today - MP3 (5:15)

Crack Kills - MP3 (5:11)

It Took 3 Days - MP3 (3:22)

Punk Revival - MP3 (2:32)

Santa Can You Hear Me? - MP3 (3:20)

Standing in Line - MP3  (4:11)

Trippy #1 - MP3 (4:21)

Walk Away - MP3 (3:53)

ALL SONGS (C)copyright 1987-2013 Stainless Fog and Sojourn Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Produced and recorded exclusively by Sojourn Studios

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